Whether you just graduated from high school, raised a family, and are returning to school, or somewhere in between, the Student Affairs Team welcomes you and is here to help you achieve your new academic goals. The first step to a successful college career is participation in the new student online orientation. This program will provide information to ease your transition to college life at Trocaire.

Our orientation program will enable you to learn more about the college. Important information regarding health records, academic advisement, college policies, and financial assistance will be presented.

These are mandatory programs for all new Trocaire College students.

To complete the online orientation

Below is a checklist of important things that you need to have completed before you are able to register for your upcoming semester classes.

1. Log in to both IT Systems: Webmail, E-Student, and Moodle, and change your passwords. Your first-time login credentials were included on the second page of your acceptance letter. If you need assistance logging in and changing your passwords visit our IT Knowledgebase.

For help resetting Webmail visit: https://my.staging.trocaire.edu/changing-webmail-password/
For help resetting eStudent visit: 
*If you have difficulties or questions with this please email the Help Desk at [email protected]

2. Log in to Moodle and complete the online New Student Orientation.

To go directly to the online New Student Orientation visit: https://trocaire.mrooms.net/course/view.php?id=12551

Students must use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when accessing Moodle to complete the mandatory, online  New Student Orientation. Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer are not compatible web browsers. This orientation must be complete prior to the students meeting with their advisor to register for classes.

3. Schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor to register for your classes

You can call 716.827.2577 or email [email protected] to schedule your appointment after you complete the mandatory online New Student Orientation.



First-Time New Student Orientation

All first-time, full-time students at Trocaire College are mandated to participate in the in-person New Student Orientation for First-Time, Full-Time & Part-Time College Students which is held in August prior to the start of courses. The orientation will connect new students to Trocaire College, its resources, and each other as they begin their academic journey.

The New Student Orientation occurred on Thursday, August 12, 2021. Students who missed this may email Lauren Reczek at [email protected] for information.


Orientation FAQ


Will there be a chance to have an orientation on campus? Yes, there is a mandatory New Student Orientation for First-Time College students that is in-person and there is a New Student Social held once prior to the start of the semester that is open to new students to attend.

Do I need to complete the online New Student Orientation? Yes, before a new student can register they have to complete the online orientation.

How long does the online New Student Orientation take? Approximately 30 minutes

Can I re-watch the orientation videos after I’m a student? Yes! You can access any of the videos through your Moodle account by using Panopto.

How do I get my identification card? Your picture for your photo ID card can be taken at least 24 hours after your registration appointment at the front security desk at the main campus.

What do I need my identification card for? This card is needed for borrowing books from the college library, printing on campus, identification on clinical sites, and admission to college-sponsored functions. A $10 processing fee is charged for replacement cards.









For more information about Orientation please contact:

Lauren Reczek, MS
Director of Student Engagement
[email protected]